L’Oréal-Unesco-ABC Prize 2007

For the second consecutive year, the L’Oréal-Unesco-ABC Prize for Women in Science offers Brazilian researchers, selected via a rigorous judging commission, scholarship aids worth twenty thousand dollars. This year, seven scientists were contemplated, from the areas of Physical Science, Biomedical Sciences, Biological and Health Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Chemical Science.

The awards ceremony happened in the Copacabana Palace, on the night of September 19th, with the presence of several academics, journalists and authorities, and was conducted by the journalist Renata Cappucci.

Studying solids with optical properties 
The chemist from São Paulo Andréa de Camargo investigates materials which in the future will be able to be applied in lasers and in other optical devices, aiming to expand the national technological industry.


In search of prevention and treatment of skin tumors
The chemist from the University of São Paulo Glaucia Martinez investigates how the flavonoids can interfere with the DNA oxidation process, via the melanin, when exposed to UV rays.


Improving the lives of patients with MPS
The doctor from Rio Grande do Sul, Ida Schwartz studies the mucopolysaccharidosis, a specific group of genetic diseases, seeking to increase the access to diagnosis, to treatment and to prevention, via genetic counseling.


Exploring the potential of coumarin
The chemist from Paraná Lucia Codognoto develops an analysis method specific for coumarin, a substance with an anti-inflammatory action present in the composition of some medicinal plants and in medication with antithrombotic action.


Applying Physics in computing
The physician from UFRJ Tatiana Rappoport works in the area of spintronics, whose development will allow for, very soon, the manufacture of chips and more efficient computers, with a higher capacity of processing and a lower consumption of energy.


Understanding factors which lead to erectile dysfunction
The biologist from São Paulo Monica Andersen develops a research which attempts to understand the relationship between the sleep disorders and the alterations of the male sexual performance.


Working towards the Progress of Mathematics 
The mathematician Wang Qiaoling, from the University of Brasília, researches the “curvature of varieties”, present in Einstein’s equation on Relativity, a study which will help us understand the structure of the universe.


Honorable Mentions
The microbiologist from UFG, Tarcília Aparecida da Silva and the biologist from USP of Ribeirão Preto Tiana Kohsdorf were contemplated with Honorable Mentions in 2007.