ABC and the Private Sector

Considering that the growth of Brazilian Science has been expressive both quantitatively as well as qualitatively, the Academy understands that the country currently faces the issue of transformation of knowledge into products. This problematic involves the national business sector, which needs to be stimulated and needs tools to really start investing in innovation, hiring Brazilian doctors and developing their own researches instead of buying ready technologies.

Aiming towards strengthening the bonds between the academy and the private sector, ABC has been increasing its network of Institutional Members, as well as taking the initiative of promoting Symposiums Academy-Company, in which businessmen relate their successful experiences of investments in national intelligence, to other businessmen who have not had this experience and to additional interested public.

Based on the first experience, which occurred in Rio in 2010, ABC intends to promote as of 2011, similar symposiums in all the regions of the country, with the objective of stimulating the growth of research, development and innovation in the industries installed in the country.

1st Symposium Academy-Company of Rio de Janeiro

The event, with a focus on successful stories of innovation in the state of Rio de Janeiro, was followed by a commemorative exposition about the 30 years of Faperj, and happened in March 2010.

At the Symposim, the following presented the good results of investments of their companies in national intelligence: Carlos Ivan Leal (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), Hayne Felipe da Silva (Farmanguinhos), Gilberto Rigobello (Vale Soluções em Energia), João Jornada (Inmetro), João Moreira Salles (Revista Piauí), José Roberto Fagundes (Petrobras), Luiz Pinguelli Rosa  (Coppe), Odair Gonçalves (CNEN), Sérgio Werlang (Itaú/Unibanco) and Xisto Vieira (MPX Energia).

2nd Symposium Academy-Company of Rio de Janeiro

1st Symposium Academy-Company of Bahia