L’Oréal-Unesco-ABC Prize 2008

On the night of 2008 October 8th, in the Golden Room of the Copacabana Palace, the awards ceremony for the L’Oréal-Unesco-ABC Program for Women in Science was held, and contemplated for the third consecutive year, seven Young Brazilian Scientists of excellence. They competed for a grant of 20 thousand dollars to invest in the projects and in their Professional development.

With the slogan "The world needs science. Science needs women", the international program For Women in Science was launched in 1998, as a result of the partnership between L’Oréal and Unesco. This was the first international recognition destined to women in science. In the last ten years, 52 researchers of 26 nationalities have already been awarded this international prize. Three Brazilian academics have been awarded the international prize: Mayana Zatz , from USP, in 2001; Lucia Previato, from UFRJ, in 2004; and Belita Koiller , from UFRJ, in 2005.

The program has achieved worldwide respect, and today more than 35 countries develop local initiatives for the Project. In Brazil, since 2006 the Program for Women in Science is a result of the partnership among L’Oréal, the National Commission of Unesco, and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. In the last three years, including 2008, 19 young scientists have been awarded by the Brazilian program, which is an example of recognition and encouragement to the women for their great contributions to the progress of science.

Searching for effectiveness in cancer treatment
Currently working in the Biophysics and Radiobiology Department of UFPE, the physics Adriana Fontes adapted techniques of optical tweezers to study cells of people with acute myeloid leukemia.

Investigating the properties of curved spaces
Carolina Bhering de Araújo, mathematics teacher at IMPA, studies the geometric properties of curved spaces similar to the spheres, but in other dimensions.

Relation of nutritional factors with breast cancer
Oncologist of the Hospital Fêmina do Rio Grande do Sul, Daniela Dornelles Rosa works with the analysis of risk factors for the recurrence of breast cancer in her region.

Understanding the persistence of memory
The neuroscientist Janine Inez Rossato works in the Institute of Biomedic Research of PUC-RS, where she researches the persistence of long term memory.

Genetically modifying Enzymes
The chemist from Unicamp Luciana Gonzaga de Oliveira develops techniques to make lipases resistant to high temperatures, aiming appliance in industrial processes.

Differences between men and women
The biochemist Lucielli Savegnago works in Unipampa, where she seeks to scientifically prove that women have a greater propensity to depression and anxiety than men.

Understanding enzyme which generate free radicals
Doctors degree in Nuclear Biosciences from UERJ, Maria Augusta Arruda researches a specific enzyme in different pathological situations such as inflammations, vascular diseases and cancer.

Optimizing the obtaining of conjugated linoleic acids
Crestina Susi Consorti, from the Chemistry Institute of UFRGS, received the 2008 Honorable Mention for her research with substances with high potential to be applied therapeutically, pharmacologically and nutritionally.


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