ABC and the 4th CNCTI

ABC had an active participation in the planning and in the conducting of the 4th National Conference of Science, Technology and Innovation, in which the general secretary was the director of ABC Luiz Davidovich .

The Preparatory Thematic Seminar about Basic Science was held at the headquarters of ABC, in April 2010 and was crucial to subsidize the Thematic Symposium on Basic Science, presented by ABC in partnership with SBPC, at the event itself. The symposium discussed the state of Science in Brazil; the internationalization of Brazilian Science; the institutionalization of fostering basic Science and the articulation of Science with the economic sectors aiming towards Innovation. See the presentation in ppt, done at the event by the president of ABC.

With the theme "State Policy for Science, Technology and Innovation aiming at a sustainable development", the 4th CNCTI was held in Brasília in May 2010 and gathered almost four thousand people. The Members of ABC represented and important presence at the event. ABC and SBPC set up a stand, where videos were advertised from the series Passion for Science with testimonials from Academics, and booklets were distributed presenting the Actions of ABC.


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