As jornalistas Marina Lemle e Helen Mendes fizeram uma cobertura especial, em inglês, da VII Conferência da Rede Global de Academias de Ciências, para o blog internacional cuja coordenação para América Latina e Caribe é da jornalista e pesquisadora Luisa Massarani.

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Veja abaixo as matérias exclusivas sobre a VII Conferência da Rede Global de Academias de Ciências.

Helen Mendes

Grand challenges ask for great solutions
What can science do to help in solving the worlds big and complex challenges? And, more importantly, what are those challenges?

Global science committee to fight poverty mooted in Brazil
Brazils science minister has called upon the scientific community and the UN to create a global scientific committee with the goal of reducing world poverty.

Improving science literacy: how to reach those not interested in science
The second day of the Global Network of Science Academies (IAP) conference was dedicated to the Challenge Labs, and in this one the debate was about science communication to adults, and science education for children.

Marina Lemle

US$30,000 pledged for an online marketplace of innovation ideas
Gregory Weiss, from the Global Young Academy, proposed a development of an “internet-based marketplace of ideas and opportunities” at the 7th IAP Conference.

Science academies unite for sustainable development and poverty reduction
Science academies should mobilize the best brains worldwide and from different disciplines to assist in defining, addressing and solving grand challenges in health, food, water, energy, biodiversity, climate, disaster management and education.

US$8 million for innovations to prevent premature birth in Brazil
Complications related to premature birth are the worlds first neonatal mortality cause and the second for children younger than five years old. In Brazil, around 10 per cent of births are premature.

A pill a day for Chinese future
One iron pill a day may lead to for better school results and future greater opportunities in life, heard the 7th IAP conference on Science for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro this week (24-27 February).

Q&A with Peter Singer on links between science academies and Grand Challenges
Ahead of the 2013 conference of Global Network of Science Academies (IAP) we asked Peter A. Singer, CEO of Grand Challenges Canada and director of Sandra Rotman Centre, what the conference is all about.