From: 10th of February, 2020

To: 14th of February, 2020

Location: Brazilian Academy of Sciences | Brazilian Center for Research in Physics

The event took place in Rio de Janeiro and was divided in two parts:

  • Workshop: Skills for Communication and Leadership in a 5G World

Purpose: The event was dedicated to young researchers seeking to develop skills in the areas of public speaking, writing projects and articles, and learning how to participate and coordinate research and collaboration networks.

Date: February 10 – 11th 2020

Venue:  Brazilian Academy of Sciences



  • Conference: 4th International Conference for Women in Science without Borders: Energy, Water, Health, Agriculture and Environment for Sustainable Development

Purpose: It was a three-day event with oral presentations, round tables and posters sessions on topics related to the specific topics of the title. The main task of the event was to bring together female and male researchers in an environment of diversity to think about sustainable development.

Date: February 12 – 14th, 2020

Venue: Brazilian Center for Research in Physics.



Organizing Committee


A new initiative, network and movement for women in science without borders was founded by Amal Amin, associate professor at National Research Center, Egypt, to empower women in science, whether seniors or young with excellence and cooperation with their males colleagues inside scientific communities, to raise the value and impact of scientific research in favor of sustainable development goals.

The initiative began in 2017 by holding its first meeting in Cairo, 21-23 March, under auspices of the Ministry of Science and Technology and supervision of/organization by Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research (ASRT) and Egyptian Young Academy (EYAS). The first meeting was funded by Wellcome Trust, the International Science Council (ISC), European Commission (EU), Elsevier, Misr Elkhir, the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), Global Young Affiliates Network (TWAS-TYAN), Global Young Academy (GYA) and L’Oréal. Further support was kindly provided by UNESCO, Arab Science and Technology Foundation (ASTF), and National Council for Women as WISWB honorary supporters. High level representatives from other organizations participated as the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) and the International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation (ISTIC). The conference was a mix between high level from scientific lectures, discussions and students’ interactions and competitions to create complete healthy scientific atmosphere between seniors and young both males or females.

The second conference was organized by one of the participants at the first conference (prof. Sonali Das) who admired with the idea and asked to transfer it to South Africa. The conference was held in University of Johannesburg, 21-23 March 2018 and supported by several organizations as ISC, L`Oreal, GYA, etc. (wiswb2018.co.za). Mrs. Neldi Pandora (minister of higher educations in South Africa), Linda Gray (head of health council in South Africa) and other high level authorities from South Africa were among the speakers there.

The 2019 conference was held again in Cairo in March as the month of several events dedicated to women to honor their daily-life contribution generally and as scientists specifically with highlighting the need for further cooperation with males partners in all scientific communities in academia, research centers, industry, private sector, NGOs and in all aspects of life to be a role model for all society. n 2019, the meeting was co-organized with Arab science and technology foundation (ASTF) under the general name of (World forum for women in science) with theme of (science diplomacy for sustainable development). The meeting was held in British university in Egypt (BUE) and supported by Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, industrial development bank (IDB), International science council (ISC), global young academy (GYA), Japanese science and technology agency (JST), Next Einstein Forum (NEF), Brazilian academy of sciences, TWAS young affiliates network (TWAS-TYAN), Bosch foundation.

The fourth event, in February 2020, took place for the first time out of the African continent. transferred to Brazil by Prof. Marcia C. Barbosa , Prof. CarolinaP. Naveira-Cotta , Prof. Andrea Simone Stucchi de Camargo who attended 2019 conference in Cairo, Egypt which confirmed the sustainable nature of WISWB conferences to build bridges and connect people with science across all borders. The event will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the support of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.



Part 1 (Feb. 12, morning) 4th International Conference for Women in Science without Borders

Part 2 (Feb. 12, afternoon)  – 4th International Conference for Women in Science without Borders

Part 3 (Feb. 13, morning) 4th International Conference for Women in Science without Borders

Part 4 (Feb. 13, afternoon) 4th International Conference for Women in Science without Borders

Part 5 (Feb. 14, morning) 4th International Conference for Women in Science without Borders

Part 6 (Feb. 14, afternoon) 4th International Conference for Women in Science without Borders