Aiming to reinforce BAS’s role as a center for public policy thinking and policy, without scientific and technological knowledge, an ABC director decides to promote an initiative called “Science Project for Brazil” (select a publication). This effort mobilized more than 180 researchers from the best Brazilian researchers, who had a challenge elaborated in a document with proposals for the strengthening of strategic sectors for the country’s development. This activity is especially important in a time of crisis, such as the one that is going through, when it becomes necessary to create new paths that allow the country a better future for its population.

As proposed in the management platform of the current BAS board of directors, such paths may apply to science, technology, innovation and quality education for all Brazilians. Only in this way can the country enjoy the opportunities offered by the richness of its biomes and its energy matrix, its regional and cultural diversity, the size of its population and the scientific level already achieved.

As an initial step, academics José Galizia Tundisi and Jerson Lima da Silva were invited to coordinate this project, which is not at BAS’s center in this period. A first exercise was the definition of the topics to be addressed and the coordinators of each thematic group. A first version of the document “Science Project for Brazil” was published at the Magna Meeting 2017. A year later, at the 2018 Magna Meeting, a digital version of the document was launched.