Year of Germany in Brazil

ABC and Leopoldina – the Germany Academy of Sciences – organized the scientific activities of the Year of Germany in Brazil, celebrated in 2010, under the coordination of the Academic Luiz Bevilacqua  and of the Professor Detlev Genten, from Germany.

The event, which occurred in November, had four main central topics. The activities in the area of Computational and Mathematical and Modeling and on Advanced Materials were held at ABC’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, with the participation of prominent Brazilian scientists and pioneer German researchers. The level of excellence of the scientists was the same in São Paulo, where they held the presentations on Physics of the Biosphere, at the headquarters of Fapesp, and on Chronodegenerative Diseases, at the National Heart Institute (Incor/USP).

With the objective of encouraging collaboration initiatives among the two countries, and of identifying new topics for cooperation, not only at an institutional level, but also among researchers, the professors Sandoval Carneiro (Capes) and Christian Mueller (DAAD), organized a meeting in Rio de Janeiro with Brazilian and German post-graduate students who participated in interchanges supported by these entities. At the meeting, professors from both countries presented the most relevant issues of their respective higher education systems.