G8 + 5

The group G8+5 gathers the presidents and the prime ministers of the most powerful countries in the world. G8 – Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States, and the leaders of the five emerging economies in the international scenario – South Africa, Brazil, China, India and Mexico.

The G8+5 group was created in 2005 in the city of Gleneagles in Scotland, when the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in his role as host of the annual G8 meeting, invited the leading emerging countries to join the talks

Parallel to the meetings held among the presidents of the countries members of the G8+5, there is a meeting held with the presidents of the Academy of Sciences of the same countries. This scientific meeting is of extreme importance for the so-called scientific diplomacy, because it subsidies the declarations signed by the Chiefs of States.

ABC’s participation in the group of Academies which advise the group of the eight riches countries in the world deserves recognition, and it contributes towards making the voice of the scientific community be heard in its annual summit meetings, where great decisions in the field of international politics are made.


The president Jacob Palis  represented the Brazilian Academy of Sciences at the G8+5 meeting which occurred in Rome in the month of March 2009. The topics discussed by Brazil at this meeting were: Brazilian experience in retaining talented scientists, and Biofuel. Check the links for the presentations.


In February of 2011, in Paris, the president of ABC and the Academic José Galizia Tundisi  participated in the discussion of two statements: Water and Health and Education for Science. The delegations were received by President Sarkozy, who agreed to forward the statements to the other Chiefs of State.