International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU)

Founded in 1931 to promote international scientific activities in benefit of humanity, the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) is one of the oldest non-governmental organizations in the world. It encompasses the representation of international scientific societies and national members, usually being the Academies of Sciences. ICSU conducts a significant number of programs and interdisciplinary initiatives, aside from thematic projects, all related to global issues - among which is the study on climatic changes. 

Since 1993, when ABC was designated by the National Research and Development Council (CNPq) as the Brazilian representative at ICSU, it has been performing an important role within the organization. The Academy is part of several commissions in different international big projects.

Regional Office of ICSU for Latin America and the Caribbean (ICSU-LAC)

Between 2007 and 2010, the Brazilian Academy of Sciences accommodated, with the entire support of the brazilians Science and Technology Ministry (MCT) and the Exterior Relations Ministry (MRE), the Regional Office of ICSU for Latin America and the Caribbean (ICSU-LAC), which resulted in a significant increase of prestige and responsibility for the Academy in the International arena. 


In May, the 8th Meeting of the Regional Committee of ICSU-LAC was held in Rio de Janeiro.

In August there was a meeting called Facilitation of the dialogue between the national, regional and international data bases on biodiversity, held in Buenos Aires in Argentina, of which decisions were sent to the International Conference Getting Post 2010 Biodiversity Targets Right.

A Synthesis of the Actions under the name of Biodiversity and Human Well Being in Latina America and in the Caribbean was published, as a result of the interdisciplinary consultation which gathers the points of views of several social agents, with the objective of offering the managers and the decision makers a synthesis of the priority problems and the possible routes of actions.


In March, the Regional Office conducted the 2nd Regional Consultation of ICSU for Latin America and the Caribbean, when it presented four plans of cooperation in the areas of biodiversity, sustainable energy, risks and natural disasters, and the teaching of mathematics. A meeting was held in Mexico City, with the support of CONACYT Mexico. ABC was represented by the director Luiz Davidovich.

In the same period, ICSU-LAC supported the realization of the 1st Regional UNESCO Forum on Scientific, Technological and of Innovation Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean: a new social contract for science in Mexico City. The event strengthened the relationship with UNESCO'S Regional Office for Science in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In September, the 7th Meeting of the Regional Committee for Latina America and the Caribbean was held in the city of Panama.

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