Symposium Mineral Resources in Brazil: Problems and Challenges

Understanding that the exploitation of mineral resources requires a massive use of the scientific knowledge available on the subsoil and on the genesis of mineral deposits, and seeking to draw scenarios for the future demands on these mineral resources, including energy related minerals, BAS decided to organize the symposium "Mineral Resources in Brazil: Problems and Challenges" . The initiative - besides highlighting the concern of the Academy regarding the bottlenecks and policy, research and mineral exploration challenges in Brazil - aims to lay the groundwork for BAS to cast a more attentive look towards the Brazilian mineral sector.

The event will be held at the headquarters of ABC, in Rio de Janeiro, on the 13th and 14th of August 2013.

The Dynamics
The symposium will be divided into four sessions, each one containing two presentations, which will be followed by interventions made by high-level experts, who were specially invited to serve as panelists. Following each block of presentation and interventions by the speakers, we will have time for a brief plenary discussion.

Session I - Brazil in the mineral world
Coordination: Diogenes de Almeida Campos 

Currently, the Brazilian mineral policy is focused towards the export of commodities, instead of building a national industry based on raw materials of mineral origin. This session will analyze topics related to the Brazilian perspective with regards to mineral economics: strategic minerals (rare earth elements and fertilizers), mineral and industrial policy, domestic market, import and export, transportation. This session will also discuss the governmental institutions and the mining companies, in light of regulatory frameworks and investment in the sector.

Session II - Mineral potential of Brazil
Coordination: Aroldo Misi 

Brazil, despite having a considerable quantity of mineral resources, still depends on the import of many others. In this session, the existing and the potential resources will be specified, as well as the recent discoveries and the role of the government and of private enterprise in the pursuit of strategic reserves. In addition, bearing in mind that the metallogenic processes are highly complex, the role of science and how can it contribute to mineral exploration will also be discussed.

Session III - Energy related mineral resources
Coordination: Umberto Cordani

This session will describe the different uses of mining products, used as energy resources in Brazil, with special consideration to the economic and environmental aspects. Emphasis will be given to characterize the relative importance of fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas) and nuclear (uranium), as well as its participation in the Brazilian energy matrix and the possible future developments.

Session IV - Mineral Brazil, the vision of the future
Coordination: Adolpho Melfi 

In this session the Brazilian mineral resources will be discussed in terms of their importance within national planning, both at present and in the future. The discussion should be holistic, taking into account the country’s needs with regards to a sustainable development, considering the environmental and social aspects.

Check out the program and the profile (in portuguese) of the guest speakers of the event.

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