International Symposium on Enhancing Water Management Capacity in a Changing World

The international symposium on "Enhancing Water Management Capacity in a Changing World: Science Academies working together to increase global access to water and sanitation" is jointly organized by IAP, InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS) and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, 25-28 June 2012.

The programme sessions will focus on the following topics:

* Extending Global Access to Clean Water and Sanitation: an Unpostponable Commitment
* More with Less: Managing Water for Agriculture
* Water Governance for Development and Sustainability
* Transboundary Waters and Conflicts: Managing Water for Peace
* Water for Economic Growth and Development
* Managing Water in Urban Areas and Metropolitan Regions: an Ever-Growing Challenge
* Climate Change and Adaptive Water Management: Challenges for a Changing World
* Mining and Water Resources: Coping with the Impacts
* Challenges for Sustainable Groundwater Management
* Ecohydrology: an Ecosystem Approach to Water Management

For more information, contact: Mariana Ferreira at the Academia Brasileira de Ciências on email:

Follow the links below to the Announcement ( and the Tentative Agenda:



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