Hungarian Academy of Sciences receives World Science Forum

Since its inception World Science Forum is dedicated to finding the ways to turn the latest achievements of science into social wisdom" in his speech at the closing ceremony the president of the republic appreciated the world science forum organised for the seventh time. János Áder warned in line with the central theme of the WSF forum this year, i.e. environmental sustainability, and in connection with the upcoming climate summit in Paris, that all our future is dependent on the extent of our awareness of the challenges open to our living planet, and on how far we are able to recognise, interpret and make them visible.

If sufficiently joined together, the chances are available

"It is not immaterial whether future is recognised in terms of threats only, or the opportunities for avoiding a global catastrophe is also noticed to allow us to move on to a higher level of civilisation. If we are stuck with the level of awareness where the problems are generated, then the threats are likely to grow. But if we manage to think about the changes to be made in response to global challenges at a higher level of consciousness, then we may have a chance to fix the problems by sufficiently teaming up our resources‟, he said. To that end he urged for the active cooperation between researchers, politicians and other members of the society and he also reminded of their joint responsibility.

He believes that scientists have a key role in facilitating the quick enhancement of current technologies through their work, applied research, scientific observations, analyses and new discoveries. „It is the responsibility of science to speak up in a language that is well understood by the world. We need to induce science to have its voice heard with a force that stands out from the noise of half-truths, delusions, short-sighted and short-term political mumbo-jumbo as well as cynicism in the 21st century‟, he added. In the end he asked the participants of WSF to help deliver to as many people as possible the message which runs „the threat is real, our time is running out, but there is a chance for a change therefore we have a number of jobs to do and we cannot shift the blame to somebody else".

Irina Bokova, László Lovász and János Áder

WSF provides a unique platform

The closing session of the World Science Forum was welcomed in a video message by King Abdullah, the sovereign of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the organiser of WSF in 2017, who also identified cooperation as one of the most important efforts to be made in order to solve global problems.

Irina Bokova, the director general of UNESCO said that access to resources is becoming harder and harder, therefore new and innovative approaches are wanted. In that respect science as an integrator of knowledge from various research fields has an outstanding role. Irina Bokova also said that because of challenges that had never been faced before, as the venue for a dialogue between scientists, policy-makers and public organisations the World Science Forum is especially important, among other things. „WSF offers a one off platform. This is the forum where governments, international organisations, the academic communities and the private sector may develop a common vision."

Declaration: upcoming agreement on climate change endorsed

At the festive session of the World Science Forum László Lovász, the President of HAS and the governing body of WSF read out the declaration of the Forum. Highlighting the importance of the closing document he reminded of how special it is, for the Paris Climate Summit is due soon.

The recommendations made by WSF for decision-makers and the academic community are summarised in six paragraphs in the Declaration adopted by the participants. In addition to suggesting a changeover to new and sustainable paths of development the document, offers its support for the agreement to be drawn on climate change at the Paris Climate Summit to open at the end of November and pleads the participants to seek as wide and as efficient cooperation as possible during the meetings. Actions are called for so that the risks for catastrophes may be reduced and scientists and politicians are solicited to unite their resources and use common and universal principles in their effort to make science adopt responsible, independent and accountable procedures in the course of their undertaking. International cooperation is also called for so that lasting results shall be achieved in research and innovation, and finally, it is recommended to finance science in a balanced manner and to use its knowledge for the good of the society.

The World Science Forum closed on Saturday is the only meeting in the world where the representatives of science can have a dialogue with decision-makers by using a complex set of criteria in the discussions. At the WSF in Budapest this year some 800 scientists, political decision-makers, lay experts and science journalist participated from several countries. The next WSF meet-up is due in Jordan in 2017.

(Adapted from HAS)


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