Ciência Gera Conhecimento - [ Conheça ]


Sessão 01: Extending Global Acess to Clean Water and Sanitation: an Unpostponable Commitment

Albert Rugumayo (Uganda) --- Não esteve presente
Carlos Tucci (Brazil) Download
Corinne Schuster- Wallace (INWEH-UNU) Download

Sessão 02: More with Less: Managing Water for Agriculture

Silvio Crestana (Brazil) Download
Chandrakant Damodar Thatte (India) Download
Jean-Marie Fritsch (France) Download

Sessão 03: Water Governance for Development and Sustainability

Salif Diop (UNEP) Download
Raúl Lopardo (Argentina) Download
Masahisa Nakamura (ILEC) Download

Sessão 04: Transboundary Waters and Conflicts: Managing Water for Peace

Nisreen AL-Hmoud (Jordan) Download
Fernando Urquidi-Barrau (Bolivia) Download
Zelmira May (IHP-UNESCO) --- Não esteve presente

Sessão 05: Water for Economic Growth and Development

Henry Vaux (USA) Download
Ramón Llamas (Spain) Download
Salmah Zakaria (Malaysia) Download

Sessão 06: Managing Water in Urban Areas and Metropolitan Regions: an Ever-Growing Challenge

Ricardo Sandoval Minero (Mexico) --- Não esteve presente
Christopher Magadza (Zimbabwe) Download
Henning Steinicke (Germany) Download

Sessão 07: Climate Change and Adaptive Water Management: Challenges for a Changing World

Jun Xia (China) Download
Richard Graham Taylor (UK) Download
Walter Rast (ILEC) Download

Sessão 08: Mining and Water Resources: Coping with the Impacts

Daniel Olago (Kenya) Download
Virginia Ciminelli  (Brazil) Download
Marine Nalbandyan (Armenia) Download

Sessão 09: Challenges for Sustainable Groundwater Management

Robert Gillham (Canada) Download
Cheikh Bécaye Gaye (Senegal) Download
Uri Shamir (Israel) Download

Sessão 10: Ecohydrology: an Ecosystem Approach to Water Management

José Tundisi (Brazil) Download
Katarzyna Izydorczyk (Poland) Download
Sunita Facknath (Mauritius) Download

Sessão 11: IAP Water Program: the Experience, Challenges and Opportunities

José Tundisi (Brazil) Download
Katarzyna Izydorczyk (Poland) Download
Alexander Zinoviev (Russia) Download
Rivka Kfir (South Africa) Download
Jun Xia (China) Download

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