Strategic Studies

Water Policy in Brazil (2011)

In this document the authors describe the distribution, the availability and the contamination of the water resources in Brazil as well as the water policy needed to cope with these problems.

Contributions for the Reform of Higher Education (2004)

A document developed by a study group from ABC as a contribution towards the debate on the issue, created due to the a request from the Ministry of Education (MEC).

The Teaching of Science and Elementary Education: Proposals to overcome the crisis (2008)

Presents a detailed proposal of actions aimed at correcting the current state of elementary education, in view of its high priority and the need to have its changes, result in a State policy.

A State Policy for Science, Technology and Innovation (2006)

A proposal forwarded to the candidates for presidency of the republic of Brazil, in a joint initiative between the Brazilian Academy of Science (ABC) and the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC).

Brazilian Science and its International Presence (2010)

A presentation by the president of ABC Jacob Palis  at the 4th National Conference on Science and Technology (4th CNCTI), in Brasilia.

Neglected Diseases (2010)

Presents proposals to implement the participation of Brazilian Science in the study of neglected diseases, aiming towards the development of the country

ABC & SBPC: The Forest Code and Science (2011)

The Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) and the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) put together a study group who elaborated contributions for the dialogue about the possible alterations to the Brazilian Forest Code.

Amazonia: Brazilian Challenge of the XXI Century (2008)

This publication presents proposals for the implementation of national development strategies which involve harmony between regional development and environmental conservation.

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