Common stilt is the main transmitter of zika, not Aedes

Constância Ayres, from Fiocruz in Pernambuco, Brazil, presented studies showing that a species of Culex, known as stilt or muriçoca, is the largest virus vector, which requires changes in combat actions. Announcement was made at the 68th Annual Meeting of SBPC, in Bahia.

Twenty new viruses can enter Brazil during the Olympics, researchers say

In the session about zika at ABC’s Magna Meeting, scholars of arboviruses Pedro Vasconcelos and Rodrigo Brindeiro presented new information about the epidemic, including a substance that can be used to fight it.

Brazilian researchers are rewarded and honored in General Meeting of TWAS

Scientific organization focused on developing countries awarded the president of ABC, Jacob Palis , with the Abdus Salam medal and the Brazilian mathematician Arthur Avila with TWAS - Lenovo Award.

Hungarian Academy of Sciences receives World Science Forum

By adopting the closing document WS Forum ended its work on Saturday. At the session held in the Houses of Parliament head of state János Áder urged for the active participation of researchers, politicians and other members of the society in solving global problems. UNESCO DG Irina Bokova said that because of challenges never experienced WSF offering options for dialogue is an extremely important event.

Special Seminar on Ecology, Mining & Sustainable Development

The Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), the Brazilian Mining Association (IBRAM), the Brazilian Speleological Society (SBE) and the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) have the pleasure to announce the Special Seminar in Ecology, Mining and Sustainable Development, which will take place at ABC, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 18-19 November 2015.

Fiscal crisis has Brazilian scientists scrambling

Government makes deep cuts in research budgets as economy stumbles. Check out the report written by Herton Escobar and published by "Science" magazine.

In Memoriam - Ivan da Mota e Albuquerque

Professor Wilmar Dias da Silva , who is a full member of Brazilian Academy of Science, writes about his advisor, Ivan da Mota e Albuquerque , that recently passed away.

Published 2013’s last volume of the Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences

The highlights of the volume 85(4) are the study of a potential larvicidal against Aedes aegypti, the antioxidant activity of four varieties of coconut water and much more.

Call for applications

The Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability invite applications for the Future Earth Engagement Committee.

The impressive rise of Chinese science

To get in the mood of World Science Forum, event that will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 25 to 27/11, read BAS News’s exclusive interview with Chunli Bai , president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and of The World Academy of Sciences for the Advancement of Science in Developing Countries (TWAS).

Diplomacy and journalism: different ways to achieve a satisfactory communication system

In Brazil to the WSF 2013, the president of Unesco’s General Conference since 2011 and economist Katalin Bogyay combines her experience as a journalist and broadcaster to her current occupation: diplomacy.

Co-created knowledge to strengthen sustainable societies

The ’Davos of Science’ has just been held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between 24th and 27th November 2013. Also known as the World Science Forum (WSF), this is a biannual meeting of scientists and decision-makers in the world of politics and industry.

’Science is as much a part of our lives as is water, the air or the soil’

In the interview that follows, the president of the World Science Forum József Pálinkás tells us why the forum was created; how scientists can influence political and economic decisions of a country through it; and the importance of the Brazilian edition of the event.

The time for science in Brazil and in the world

The sixth edition of the World Science Forum started on the night of Sunday the 24th, with an opening ceremony that gathered the scientific community and international and Brazilian political leaders at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro.

In the Amazon, there is no room for copy and paste

Local supply chains, more contextualized education and much more science and technology -he essential ingredients for the sustainable development of Amazon for the director of the National Institute for Amazonian Research (Inpa) and member of the BAS, Adalberto Val .

In science, a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine

Israeli historian Dan Bitan and Palestinian chemical Hasan Dweik, who were in Rio for the WSF 2013, work together on projects of scientific cooperation between the two communities and created a friendship that overcomes the (many) disagreements.

’Many important newsworthy topics have a scientific element’

That’s the opinion of Marcia McNutt, Science’s editor-in-chief and key-speaker of the World Science Forum 2013. In an exclusive interview to BAS News she evaluates that, on the other hand, the mainstream media doesn’t give enough space to exclusively scientific topics and also talks about women in leadership positions and integrity in the field of research.

In science, a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine

Israeli historian Dan Bitan and Palestinian chemical Hasan Dweik, who were in Rio for the World Science Forum, work together on projects of scientific cooperation between the two communities , and created a friendship that overcomes the (many) disagreements.

Study to bring wave of ocean data to negotiating table

Despite the ocean’s importance for the planet, it usually takes a back seat in political discussions about global issues, like climate change. The World Ocean Assessment, coordinated by Alan Simcock, aims to change that as said at the sixth World Science Forum, in Brazil.

Challenges of two emerging giants

Brazil needs to improve productivity to ensure sustainable growth; China needs to bridge the gap between rural and urban populations.

’We need to let the kids get their hands dirty with science’

The biologist Anne Glover, who in 2012 assumed the important task of being the first person to hold the position of chief scientific adviser of the President of the European Commission, argues that science should be "experienced" to approach people.

Symposium Climate-Related Catastrophic Events In Brazil: the Challenges and Opportunities for the Insurance Industry

Discussing how the whole society can work together together to reduce damages and strengthen financial resilience to catastrophic claims.

Brazil: First International Host of World Science Forum

The President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, József Pálinkás, comments about the World Science Forum 2013, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro on November 24-26.

The Brazilian Academy of Sciences manifests against the extintion of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The President of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences calls the scientific community to sign the manifest available on the Internet.

Symposium Mineral Resources in Brazil: Problems and Challenges

Understanding that the exploitation of mineral resources requires a massive use of the scientific knowledge available and seeking to draw scenarios for the future demands on these mineral resources.

Research and Development in the Industries: Challenges

The challenges faced by Brazilian companies to carry out research and development (R&D) were presented in the lectures by businessmen and academicians, during the Grand Meeting of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

Global science committee to fight poverty mooted in Brazil

Brazil’s science minister has called upon the scientific community and the UN to create a global scientific committee with the goal of reducing world poverty.

Science academies unite for sustainable development and poverty reduction

Science academies should mobilize the best brains worldwide and from different disciplines to assist in defining, addressing and solving grand challenges in health, food, water, energy, biodiversity, climate, disaster management and education.

Q&A with Peter Singer on links between science academies and Grand Challenges

Ahead of the 2013 conference of Global Network of Science Academies (IAP) we asked Peter A. Singer, CEO of Grand Challenges Canada and director of Sandra Rotman Centre, what the conference is all about.

US$30,000 pledged for an online marketplace of innovation ideas

Gregory Weiss, from the Global Young Academy, proposed a development of an "internet-based marketplace of ideas and opportunities" at the 7th IAP Conference.

A pill a day for Chinese future

One iron pill a day may lead to for better school results and future greater opportunities in life, heard the 7th IAP conference on Science for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development, held in Rio de Janeiro this week.

US$8 million for innovations to prevent premature birth in Brazil

Complications related to premature birth are the world’s first neonatal mortality cause and the second for children younger than five years old. In Brazil, around 10 per cent of births are premature.

Improving science literacy: how to reach those not interested in science

The second day of the Global Network of Science Academies (IAP) conference was dedicated to the Challenge Labs, and in this one the debate was about science communication to adults, and science education for children.

Grand challenges ask for great solutions

What can science do to help in solving the world’s big and complex challenges? And, more importantly, what are those challenges?

TWAS President Bai Chunli: A Future Vision for TWAS

January 2013. At the start of his term as TWAS president, Bai Chunli details the Academy’s role in promoting science for sustainability in a changing world.

Brazilian Academy of Sciences: a Brief Note (2012)

The second edition of the booklet presents the new activities of Brazilian Academy of Sciences and its history, actions, and expectations for the future.

Chinese president Hu Jintao opened TWAS’s 12th General Conference in Tianjin

In front of an audience of 2,000 scientists, heads of academies and representatives of international organizations, Hu Jintao affirmed that "Science and technology is the crown jewel of human wisdom.

TWAS awards its first-ever prize in social sciences

The first winner of the TWAS-Celso Furtado Prize in Social Sciences has been announced at the TWAS General Meeting being held in Tianjin, China: Ricardo Paes de Barros , from Brazil.

TWAS 2012: New Members Elected

The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) has announced the election of 49 new members, in an election that took place at the Academy’s 12th General Conference and 23rd General Meeting in Tianjin, China, on Monday, 18 September 2012.

Opportunities for american researchers

The Fulbright Program and the Brazilian government’s Science Without Borders Program have teamed up to provide 30 new grants for senior and junior U.S. researchers in the STEM area.

IAMP Regional Network on Non-Communicable Diseases

Spring 2012 IAMP EC meeting will held on 2 - 5 May 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in conjunction with the IAMP Workshop on Non-Communicable Diseases hosted by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

International Symposium on Enhancing Water Management Capacity in a Changing World

The Brazilian Academy of Sciences is organizing the event which will take place in Brazil, 25-28 June 2012.

Declaration of the Budapest World Science Forum 2011 on a New Era of Global Science

On the last day of World Science Forum 5th Budapest World Science Forum on 19 November, the participants of the Forum adopted a declaration that can be read here.

Academy’s goals remain constant

TWAS will continue to build scientific capacity and promote scientific excellence in a world that is likely to experience unprecedented change in the years ahead, says Jacob Palis , the president of TWAS.

CNR Rao is the winner of the 2011 Ernesto Illy Trieste Science Prize

The brilliant chemist is a Corresponding Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Linus Pauling research professor and honorary president of the Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research and immediate past president of TWAS.

TWAS Announces 2011 Prize Winners

Announced at the Academy’s 22nd General Meeting in Trieste, Italy, each TWAS Prize carries a cash award of USD15,000. The winners will lecture about their research at TWAS’s 23rd General Meeting in 2012.

2011 World Science Forum

Brazilian Academy of Sciences will be present at the event in Budapest from from 17 to 19 November 2011and will host the 2013 World Science Forum in Rio de Janeiro, with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, UNESCO, ICSU and AAAS.

President of the ABC receives awards in China

The Brazilian mathematician Jacob Palis  was awarded with the Einstein Scholarship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and with the title of Honorific Professor of the Beijing University.

ABC & SBPC: The Forest Code and Science (2011)

The Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) and the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) put together a study group who elaborated contributions for the dialogue about the possible alterations to the Brazilian Forest Code.

Water Policy in Brazil (2011)

In this document the authors describe the distribution, the availability and the contamination of the water resources in Brazil as well as the water policy needed to cope with these problems.

TWAS General Meeting in Trieste

The 22nd General Meeting happenned in Trieste, Italy, on 21-23 November, with the attendance of more than 250 people from 40 countries.

Neglected Diseases (2010)

Presents proposals to implement the participation of Brazilian Science in the study of neglected diseases, aiming towards the development of the country.

Amazonia: Brazilian Challenge of the XXI Century (2008)

This publication presents proposals for the implementation of national development strategies which involve harmony between regional development and environmental conservation.

A State Policy for Science, Technology and Innovation (2006)

A proposal forwarded to the candidates for presidency of the republic of Brazil, in a joint initiative between the Brazilian Academy of Science (ABC) and the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC).

Contributions for the Reform of Higher Education (2004)

A document developed by a study group from ABC as a contribution towards the debate on the issue, created due to the a request from the Ministry of Education (MEC).

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