Presentations - International Conference Science for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development: a Call for Action

December 3

Session 1: Science for Food Security: Tackling the Challenge of Feeding the World

Linxiu Zhang (China) - Download
Amr Farouk (Egypt) - Download
Alan Bojanic (FAO) - Download
Joachim Schiemann (Germany) - Download

Session 2: Science for Water Security: Enhancing Global Access to Water

Blanca Jiménez (IHP-UNESCO) - Download
Dipak Gyawali (Nepal) - Download
Katherine Vammen (Nicaragua) - Download
Bai-Mass Taal (AMCOW) - Did not use MS PowerPoint

December 4

Session 3: Science for Health: Ensuring Universal Access to Health

Lai-Meng Looi (IAMP) - Download
Garry Aslanyan (WHO) - Part 1 Download - Part 2 Download
Fola Esan (Nigeria) - Download
Paulo Buss (Brazil) - Download

Session 4: Building Equity through Social and Economic Policies

Aya K. Abe (Japan) - Download
Jere Behrman (USA) - Download
André Portela Souza (Brazil) - Download

December 5

Session 5: Science for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development

Jeffrey Sachs (SDSN-UN) - Download
Michael Clegg (USA) - Download
Hernan Chaimovich (Brazil) - Did not use MS PowerPoint
Tim O’Riordan (UK) - Did not use MS PowerPoint
Ernst van Groningen (Sweden) - Download
Julian May (South Africa) - Download
Bahru Zewde (Ethiopia) - Download
Tilak Raj Sharma (India) - Download
Hyun-Ku Rhee (South Korea) - Download


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