Integrating Program


- Integrate actions for the support and the social inclusion of people with deficiencies (PCD), by means of partnerships with national and international institutions, aiming towards an interchange of knowledge, the creation of Human resources, the implementation of new technologies and the development of scientific projects.

- Translate to the local reality, products and processes successfully utilized in the USA and in Europe. Such products and processes shall be utilized to enable public policies focused towards the support of the transition to school/daily life activities/preparation for the world of work, of people with deficiencies, especially those with intellectual and/or mental disorders.

- Three methodological milestones stand out: individualized educational plans in schools; early intervention and individualized planning for the transition; and the utilization of customized job approaches at the work place.

Group Participants

Carlos Eduardo da Rocha Miranda, MD, PhD (General Coordinator)
Adriana Fernandes Caparelli Dáquer, Psycologist (Executive Coordinator)
Aline Santos de Souza, Nurse
Claudia McInerney, OT (Montgomery Department of Education, MD, USA)
Cristiane Menezes, Psychologist
Debora Luecking, Ed.D (TransCen)
Egas Moniz Caparelli Aragão Dáquer, MD, PhD (Consultant)
Juliana Castan, Psycologist, Ms.C (Consultant)
Luiza Vardiero Correa, Psycologist (Consultant)
Marcela Campos Carvalho, Psycologist (Consultant)
Marie Parker, Psychologist (TransCen)
Maurice McInerney (American Institutes for Research - AIR;
Myriam Monteiro (Consultant)
Paulo dos Santos Rodrigues (Project Coordinator)
Richard Luecking, EdD (TransCen;


The Brazilian Academy of Sciences started the program Science and Exception, aiming towards analyzing how Science could ease the difficulties of people with deficiencies and identify effective projects to better assist them with their families and the community.

- Creation of the Support Center for Assisted Housing and Work (CAMT).
- Creation of the Integrating Program, developed by ABC in partnership with CAMT and the American Institute for Research focused on the support of social inclusion of people with deficiencies.

2005, 2006 e 2007
Implementation of support and social inclusion activities, by means of the development of human resources, such as carers - support of daily activities in assisted housing - and technicians in labor inclusion for people with deficiencies. These activities relied on the financing by MCT-SECIS, MS-UNESCO, FAPERJ and PETROBRAS.

2007 a 2010
Implementation of the Project Support for the Social Inclusion of Young Adults linked to the Special Educational System of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro , with the financing of FINEP and FAPERJ

Symposium Customized Job: Innovative Approaches for Labor Inclusion of People with Deficiency
The symposium, promoted by the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and by UNIRIO, aims towards share innovative strategies to transform labor inclusion of people with deficiency.


- Social inclusion of 210 beneficiaries from schools, of which 34 were from the Municipal Education Group of Niteroi - Young and Adult Teaching Program and 176 beneficiaries were from the Municipal Education Group of Rio de Janeiro.
- Social Inclusion of four scholarships to SENAC-RJ.
- Social inclusion of three scholarships for the work at the Institute of Human Sciences and Philosophy of UFF.


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