Institutional Members

The category of Institutional Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences was created in 1999, altering the Statute where previously it read Corporate Member. This category had been approved at the Extraordinary Assembly held in 1965, yet the first Corporative Members were only admitted in 1996: the Brazilian Aluminum Company, the Vale do Rio Doce Company, Eletrobrás, IBM and Petrobras.

To become and Institutional Member of ABC highlights the entity’s interest in the development of Brazilian Science. In contrast, ABC offers to organize an annual event to deal with the specific interests of each of its Institutional members, as long as they present a proposal, I which the program can further be detailed to fulfill common interests. Any entity can be admitted - invited or approved by the Board of Directors - if they agree to financially contribute to the maintenance of the activities of ABC.

ABC’s Statute provides in article 9, sole paragraph that the title of Institutional Member is temporary, and needs to be validated annually, at the discretion of the Board of Director - naturally, as long as the admitted entity remains interested. The diplomas of the new Institutional members are normally delivered during the Induction Ceremony of New Academics, which occurs within the Magna Meeting each year

Currently, the Institutional Members of ABC are:


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